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Yoshi Builder Gel – Cover Biscuit 50ml

Yoshi Builder Gel – Cover Biscuit 50ml


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Light beige cover gel with 80% coverage. A beautiful, delicate color for fans of natural styling.

  • Building gel based on a modern formula.
  • Very hard and durable, comparable in hardness to acrylic.
  • Perfect for nail extension.
  • It is perfect for the reconstruction of bitten nails.
  • It tightens perfectly and the tunnel does not expand.
  • However, the jelly consistency glides beautifully with the brush.
  • It doesn’t run off.
  • Does not flood cuticles.
  • Perfect for long, extreme shape and avant-garde nails.
  • Convenient to apply.
  • Very easy to file.
  • Resistant to external factors.
  • There is no air trapped in it.
  • Does not chip.
  • Thanks to its hardness, it is ideal for clients who tend to break their nails and for women who do not like high apexes.
  • Thanks to its consistency, it can be used to build all nails “at once”.
  • You can build your nails “all at once” without making a skeleton separately.
  • It has a reduced polymerization temperature, so it does not bake in the lamp!

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