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Wahl Barber Hair Dryer

Wahl Barber Hair Dryer


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Introducing the all-metal housing Retro 5-Star Barber Dryer! A 2200W professional hairdryer ideal for any busy Barbershop.

The pro dryer comes complete with two concentrator nozzles; The wide nozzle allows for greater air flow enabling faster drying, covering a wider surface of hair. The slim nozzle directs the heat and helps concentrate the airflow directly onto specific sections of the hair.

The three heat and two speed settings offer versatile styling options. Simply use the high speed and heat setting for drying hair quickly or the lower speed and heat for more styling control. You can finalise and lock in the style with the cool shot which releases a burst of cool air that seals the hair cuticle.

The 3m long cable is practical for use in a shop or salon and the dryer is comfortable to use, weighing just 617g. The addition of a hanging loop enables easy, tidy storage that also ensures safety whilst cooling down.

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