Fusion Conditioner 1L

Fusion Conditioner 1L


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Protect your hair from breaking immediately with the Fusion Intense Repair Conditioner from Wella. Even extremely damaged hair will feel smooth and soft again. Your hair can be damaged if you use heat tools, such as a flat iron or a hair dryer. Even if you avoid these tools you can damage hair, for example by combing or brushing. To restore this damage as soon as possible you can feed your hair with this conditioner after using the Wella Fusion Shampoo. The intensely nourishing ingredients and amino acids work through to deep into the hair, so that it is recovered from the inside.

The formula of the Fusion is inspired by spider silk, this is one of the strongest fibers that can be found in nature. The hair fibers are restored with this silksteel fusion program, which penetrates into the cortex. The hair is therefore more resilient, which means it breaks down less quickly. The hair will feel smooth, supple and renewed again.

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