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Eve Experience in 10’s 100ml

Eve Experience in 10’s 100ml


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EVE has a balanced clean and green formula, createci harmonizing nature and science, ensuring a perfect colour result without compromises, by fully respecting skin and hair. Specially developed FREE FROM PPD and RESORCINOL, and with a MINIMUM QUANTITY OF AMMONIA, EVE delivers a more gentle and safe formula both for hair stylists and customers.

Hair is composed by amino acids that are mostly negatively charged. The oxidation pigment (coloration) is a palar molecule – partially positive and partially negative charged. Here the INFINITE COLOR+ technology comes into action: as this molecule has a highly positive charge – very similar to hair – it acts as a molecular carrier (transporter molecular) binding itself to the negative part of the oxidation pigment and transporting it to the hair, behaving like a bridge between pigment and hair.

As a result the INFINITE COLOR+ technology significantly increases the deposit of color on the keratin fiber, resulting in +75% LONGER LASTING COLOUR (after 5 washes)*, +23% DEEPER COLOUR INTENSITY* and ensuring the 100% OF WHITE COVERAGE.

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