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Electric Head Jog Pencil Wand

Electric Head Jog Pencil Wand


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The Electric Head Jog Gold Titanium Pencil Wand creates tight natural looking curls and has the following features and benefits:

• Variable temperature – 120oC to 230oC.
• 360 degree Swivel 3mtr power cord.
• Cool tip to provide easier styling.

Gold-titanium coated pencil wand for perfect smooth healthy curls.

Titanium, a metal that has excellent heat conduction, consistent heat, and allows for minimum temperature variation.  Compared to ceramic, titanium can heat up much faster, while distributing the heat evenly throughout the surface of the barrel. It also has a high ionic output.

IONIC Charge allows heat to be radiated directly inside the hair, without drying out the hair’s external structure. This technology preserves the natural moisture in the hair, making it shinier, softer and healthier.

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