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Crazy Color – Hot Purple

Crazy Color – Hot Purple


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Does not require the addition of peroxide – gives life and shine on natural hair – best results on light bleached hair – adds depth and richness – removes unwanted yellow/green tones.

Crazy Color is a conditioning temporary hair color. For exotic, vibrant colors, the hair must be bleached to blonde and Crazy Color applied exactly as it is supplied. Do not mix with peroxide. Do not use on eyebrows or eyelashes.

Crazy Color is an excellent hair color for those who want to create wild and also weird shades. Use as supplied or mix to create a shade unique to you.

Crazy Color Do’s and Don’ts

Crazy Color Hot Purple  Semi-permanent Dye

Application, wear suitable gloves and apply petroleum jelly around the hairline to avoid staining. Do not use metallic tools, clips, combs, etc

Applying Crazy Color Dye

Wash your hair with a low pH balanced shampoo, to optimize the acidity of the hair and also allow for the best coloring results.

Apply Crazy Color to wet hair with a brush, laying color on the entire length of the hair shaft, stopping about ¼ inches away from the scalp. Begin at the nape of the neck and also work upward through the head of hair.

Comb Crazy Color until it becomes frothy. Lighter shades of Crazy Color may require more combining to obtain maximum results.

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