Amethyste Silver Shampoo

Amethyste Silver Shampoo


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Amethyste Silver Shampoo

AMETHYSTE professional Silver Shampoo by farmavita is the
most dynamic silver shampoo on the market. A must
have product for anyone with blonde ,grey,
platimum or silver hair!

Why use silver shampoo?

Otherwise known as purple shampoo it is a colour toning
hair cleanser. When applied to to the hair, purple pigments
from the shampoo are absorbed into the strand and hair follicles.
This neutralies annoying brassy yellow tones form the hair that
develop with time when hair oxidises. Hair will become brighter
cooler and more even with each use.

How do use silver shampoo?

Wet hair and apply. Leave on for few minutes before washing out.
For a more intense look leave on for longer, just as you would
with hair dye before washing out. You should avoid using silver
shampoo everyday and instead use every 2-3 washes.
On the other washes check out our other professional
Farmavita Shampoos and conditioners!

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