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ALFAPARF Milano Pigments 90ml

ALFAPARF Milano Pigments 90ml


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Ideal for brightening and preserving the colour of both natural and cosmetic, and enhancing natural hair with delicate highlights.

  • Suitable for all hair types – natural, chemically colored and bleached
  • Latest-generation dyes that intensify and enrich any ALFAPARF MILANO service with extraordinary tones
  • They adapt perfectly to any cosmetic environment
  • They can be mixed with a wide variety of products to revive and keep both natural and cosmetic colors looking vibrant and bright.
  • The pure pigments are able to modify their structure according to the pH of the environment they are in
  • The pigment molecules are dispersed in a cellulose grid where they remain intact until they are mixed
  • 3 patents pending

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Weight 1 kg

Ash, Ash Gold, Copper, Gold, Golden Mahogany, Golden Violet, Violet Ash, Red, Rose Copper


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